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Install Treefmt

There are two ways to install treefmt:

  1. Download the latest binary
  2. Compile and build from source.

Download a binary file

You can download the latest treefmt binaries here.

Build from source

There are several ways to build treefmt from source. Your choice will depend on whether you're a nix user or not.

Non-Nix User

To try the project without building it, run the following from the project root folder:

$ go run main.go --help

This command will output the manual. You can run the tool in this manner with any other flag or option to format your project.

To build a binary, you need to have go 1.22 installed. You can find instructions on how to install a go compiler here.

To build the project, run the following:

$ go build

After the build command exits successfully, you will find the treefmt binary in the project root folder.

Nix User

If you're using both treefmt and nix, you can make use of treefmt-nix, a wrapper that makes installing and configuring treefmt with nix easier.

Non-flake user

Here you also have two options: you can install treefmt with plain nix-build, or with nix-shell.

To build the package with nix-build, run the following:

$ nix-build -A packages.x86_64-linux.treefmt

note: substitute x86_64-linux for the target system you with to build for

Nix-flake user

If you want to use this repository with flakes, first ensure you have flakes enabled. You can then execute the following command in the project root folder:

$ nix run . -- --help

To build the project, run the following command in the project root folder:

$ nix build

The treefmt binary will be available in the result folder.

Released under the MIT License.